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Best Professional Cleaning Services Toronto

Better Choice Restoration and Carpet Cleaning Services has been providing Carpet Cleaning Services in Toronto in addition to Tiles and Grout Cleaning, Area Rug Cleaning, Marble Floor Cleaning, Granite Countertop Cleaning, Shower stall Cleaning, Grout re-caulking, Commercial Floor Waxing, and Commercial Janitorial services for over 25 years in the Greater Toronto Area.

We have a team of professionally trained, friendly individuals ready to help our clients achieve the cleanliness they deserve. If you are looking to hire a professional carpet cleaning team for the first time or have used other companies in the past, we can guarantee that you will not regret choosing us. Our 5-star reviews on Google and Homestars, and 1000s of satisfied customers prove our quality service…

We offer both commercial and residential cleaning services with plans and packages customized to our clients’ needs. No job is too small or big for us… Call us now to get a free quote for your carpet cleaning or any other cleaning needs.

Residential Cleaning Toronto

Residential Cleaning Toronto

As one of the most experienced carpet cleaning companies in Toronto, we have served 1000s of residential clients in the Greater Toronto Area and the neighbouring cities. We offer Carpet cleaning services, tiles and grout cleaning, shower stall cleaning, grout re-caulking and granite countertop cleaning services to our residential clients. We have a strategic process that ensures we deliver exceptional services consistently. Call Us for a free quote, and we’ll be glad to help!

Carpet Cleaning Services

At Better Choice Restoration and Carpet Cleaning Services, we have top of the line tools for the carpet cleaning services. Our 25 years of experience and top-tier equipment guarantees that your carpet will be restored to its original elegance. We follow our proprietary cleaning methods to achieve the best cleaning results. 

To work with us, you’ll need to request a quote by calling us at (416) 993-4545, and if we book you on as a client, our team will be at your place 15-20 minutes ahead of schedule to set-up our equipment to clean your carpets ūüôā¬† We value your time and care for your home. Therefore we’ll try to get the best job done within the promised timeframe.

Our cleaning process involves the following steps. 

  1. We pre-spray the carpet with eco-friendly chemicals to loosen-up the spots, dirt and the allergen particles in the carpet. 
  2. We wash your carpet with hot water to remove all of the stains, dirt and allergen particles. This step helps bring back your carpet’s original colour.¬†¬†
  3. Our machine vacuums simultaneously with the hot water wash to extract the maximum amount of water along with the dirt, leaving the carpets dry and clean.
  4. After our proprietary cleaning process, we examine the carpet and, if any spots are left, we clean them. 
  5. ¬†After our due diligence, we let our clients examine the clean carpet, and as soon as they are satisfied with their clean carpet, we pack and get to the next job…¬†

Sounds great, doesn’t it?¬†

We bet it does. Call us now for a free quote! 

Again, we offer custom-tailored packages for carpet cleaning services for both residential and commercial clients. Whether you need carpet cleaning for three rooms or 25,000 sq. feet commercial building, we’ll be there for you.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile & Grout Cleaning

If you have tiles floor, you’ve noticed the grout colour changed from the original to black. It is a sign telling you that the tiles and grouts are dirty, and it is the time to get them cleaned. Better Choice Restoration and Carpet Cleaning Services has been providing Tiles and Grout Cleaning for over 25 years in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville and Milton. Our certified staff has years of experience in cleaning the grouts and bringing their shine back. We also offer grout sealing services to prevent future damage and discoloration of the grout.

We know that you’re a clean person and love to keep your space clean. Imagine what message do your tiles with black grouts convey? Don’t let your hard work go to waste. Call us today to get your tiles and grout cleaning.

We offer tiles and grout cleaning services for our residential clients, office/ commercial clients and restaurant clients. Our service areas for the tiles and grout cleaning are Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville and Milton. 

Being the premium quality service provider, we strive to achieve the best cleaning results for our tile and grout cleaning clients. We follow our proprietary cleaning process to get the last bit of dirt out of your grouts to give them that fresh new look you’ve always wanted.¬†

When you order our Tiles and Grout cleaning services in Toronto or the surrounding areas, here is what the overall process looks like: 

  1. You call us for a free estimate and book your cleaning appointment for tiles and grout cleaning and grout sealing. 
  2. We show up at your place 15-20 minutes ahead of the tiles and grout cleaning job. 
  3. We pre-spray your grouts to loosen the dirt and grease. 
  4. Then we further try to soften and dissolve the dirt by brushing the grouts using our unique brush. 
  5. We wash the tiles and grouts with our steam water while simultaneously extracting the dirt with the water to leave the tiles and grout cleaned and dry. 
  6. If our clients would like our optional grout sealing services, we seal the cleaned grouts and let it dry for 10-15 minutes for the best results. 
  7. We examine the tiles and grout, and, if any spots are left, we clean them again. 
  8. Afterwards, we let the clients check the cleaned area, and if they are satisfied, we pack up and get going…¬†

Got any other questions about pricing or our cleaning process? Feel free to reach out to us, and we’ll be glad to answer any questions.¬†

Our tile and grout cleaning services are an excellent option for those who have spots on tiles, dirty grouts and need sealing services to protect their grouts. 

To recap, we offer tiles and grout cleaning services to bring your dirty grouts back to their original shine. We also offer grout sealing services to repair the grouts and prevent future damage and discoloration to the tiles. 

Call Us Now for a Free Quote! 

Shower Stall Cleaning

Your shower stall tiles and grout looks all mouldy and black? Many factors cause the grout in the shower stalls to get damaged and discoloured, including the water, steam, body oils & shampoos. Grouts have small pores, and these particles usually get stuck in there and eventually form mould. If not cleaned, it can cause serious health problems.

Better Choice Carpet Cleaning is the most-experienced shower stall cleaning company in Toronto and the surrounding areas. We have cleaned and shined 1000s of shower stalls over the past 25 years. Check out the before and after images for the shower stalls we have cleaned for our clients.

Shower Stall Cleaning

We pride ourselves on the ability to transform the looks of your shower stalls. We are fully prepared to clean any sort of shower stalls. You don’t have to replace the tiles and grout 90% of the time, you just need to call Better Choice Restoration and Carpet Cleaning to clean your showers. Call us today for your shower stall cleaning and see the difference for yourself.¬†

Our secret is hard work, proprietary cleaning process developed over the last 25 years, paired with the dedication to get the best job done. We guarantee our clients’ satisfaction and don’t stop until we achieve the best results humanly possible. Check out our past tiles and grout cleaning work here.¬†

Call us for a free quote or fill out the form online. 

Note: We regrout the tiles, if necessary. We also offer re-caulking services. 

Upholstery Cleaning

Better Choice Restoration and Carpet Cleaning Services has been providing upholstery cleaning services for over two decades. We have helped 1000s of commercial and residential clients across the GTA. Our experienced team is fully trained to clean upholstery furniture.

Your furniture is one of the significant investments in your home. Your choice of furniture type, colour, textures, and layout makes your place feel like home. The dust particles and the spots can discolour the furniture and take away their perfection. Our experts use unique chemicals following our cleaning process to remove all the dirt, allergens, and pet hairs from your furniture and clean all the spots.

When cleaning the furniture, our crew makes sure that enough water is used to clean. Our powerful steam cleaning machines extract the maximum amount of water from the upholstery to dry it faster. The upholstery must dry out quickly to prevent the mold growth on or inside the upholstery.

We offer upholstery cleaning services for both commercial and residential clients in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville and Milton. If you need professionals who care to bring back your upholstery furniture’s original colour and feel, call us now (416) 993-4545.

Area Rug Cleaning

We, at Better Choice Restoration and Carpet Cleaning Services, understand the value of Area rugs and handle them with care to achieve the best cleaning results without damaging them. Whether you have a Persian rug, oriental, hand-knotted or machine-made rug, we have the equipment and expertise to clean them to bring them back to their original state.

Area rugs are delicate and luxurious, and they need to be appropriately taken care of to make them long last. The soft fine rugs tend to trap the dust, allergens and other harmful particles deep inside them. Even after a simple vacuum, it isn’t possible to take them out. Often these particles lead to poor indoor air quality.

Area Rug Cleaning

Our area rug cleaning process makes sure to clean your area rugs to take 99.99% of these dirt particles and allergen out of the rugs using our special cleaning methods in our cleaning-plant. Your rug goes through several different stages during our cleaning process to achieve the maximum cleaning possible. 

Rest assured, our area rug cleaning experts test the rugs before putting them through a cleaning process to ensure the rug’s safety.¬†

Better Choice provides area rug cleaning services in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton and Oakville. If you need area rug cleaning experts in the Greater Toronto Area, call us at (416) 993-4545 for a free quote.

Note: We offer free pick-up and drop-off services in GTA. The timeframe for the cleaning is usually 1-2 weeks depending on the demand.  

Granite Counter Top

Granite Counter Top

Better Choice Restoration and Carpet Cleaning Services also offer Granite Countertop cleaning for our clients. Granite is a fine choice for kitchen countertops because of its outstanding qualities to resist acidic solutions and durability. Usually, the Granite is sealed after the installation, but over time, the sealant scratches off due to the wear and tear exposing the bare granite stone.

The granite stone without any protection is vulnerable to spots, stains and discoloration. The water and other residue get into the unprotected Granite, damaging the stone, and taking away its shine and beauty.

Our professional cleaners are fully trained in granite countertop cleaning and sealing to bring back the shine and beauty of your granite countertops. We examine the countertops before proceeding with the cleaning. Our cleaning process has the following steps. 

  1. Pre-examine 
  2. Remove the old seal, if any
  3. Clean the granite countertops
  4. Re-seal for extra protection for the future

If your Granite has lost its shine or you need professionals for the granite maintenance, call us today at (416) 993-4545 for a free quote on Granite countertop cleaning. 

Commercial Cleaning Toronto

Your commercial building represents your company and its values. You want a well-maintained building, right? We bet you do.

We at Better Choice Restoration and Carpet Cleaning Services help small-medium businesses, national and international corporations keep their offices clean and presentable by offering multiple services.

Commercial Cleaning Toronto

Our services for commercial and industrial services include, 

  1. Full steam carpet cleaning services 
  2. Carpet maintenance services 
  3. Janitorial and Office cleaning services 
  4. Restaurant cleaning 
  5. Upholstery cleaning
  6. Floor waxing 
  7. General Clean-up

If your company needs experienced professionals who will care to maintain high cleaning values to present your company better, call us at (416) 993-4545. We offer commercial cleaning services in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville and Milton. 

Floor Waxing

Floor Waxing

Let floor waxing and polishing experts at Better Choice Restoration and Carpet Cleaning Services keep your floor clean and shiny. Usually, this procedure is required for a particular form of tiles, mostly used in commercial and industrial floors. Our experts strip the older wax from the floor, clean it and then re-wax for an even shine and smooth look. It also prevents any damages to the floor.
Floor waxing technicians from the Better Choice are more than aware that quality shouldn’t be compromised with affordability. Call us now at (416) 993-4545 for a free quote.

Marble Polishing

Better Choice offers marble polishing services in Toronto. Our marble polishing services are performed by trained technicians to ensure that your investment is safe. We provide quality marble restoration services for our customer in Mississauga, Brampton & Toronto. At Better Choice, we not only offer the highest quality service on the market, but we strive to build our reputation by providing excellent results to make our clients happy. Our service focuses on the Restoration, Cleaning, Polishing and Protection of Marble Floors and other natural stones. Get in touch with our experts today to discuss your cleaning needs!

Marble Polishing
Construction Cleanup

Construction Cleanup

Did the contractor leave a mess when they were done with construction? Better Choice Restoration and Cleaning Service offers full post-construction cleaning, debris removal, and floor washing in Toronto, Brampton and Mississauga.
Leave all that dust to us! Our company ensures that your building is finished and ready for the public by using effective cleaning techniques, timely execution, and professional standards!!! Call us now at (416) 993-4545 for a free quote.

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