Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rugs are expensive and you can’t just throw them out if they get dirty.

Don’t worry, we can clean them for you. The Area Rugs are cleaned in our partnered warehouses where they are cleaned with special care in a controlled safe environment. You will Wow after looking at your cleaned and restored Area Rugs.

What do we do?

  • We pick up your rug at the given time and is taken to the warehouse where it is cleaned.
  • We give you approximate cleaning time.
  • The rug is thoroughly but carefully cleaned at our warehouse.
  • We drop off the rug at your place.

Maintain your Rugs

  • Once your Rugs have been cleaned, it is essential to maintain them regularly.
  • Vacuum your rugs at least twice a month to minimize the chances of dirt or soil getting trapped in them.
  • If your Rug is directly affected by the sunlight, rotate it bi-weekly to avoid damage to one specific area.
  • Keep them cleaned every six months or as needed.

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